Sunday, 16 September 2012

What is a good life?

What is a good life? This question has made me consider, quite seriously, what or who defines whether or not we are living a good life. Certainly society does a very good job at trying to convince people that they need to have a large house, husband and wife, two kids, and a dog among other material items, in order to have a good life. To me, these things would be nice, but not necessarily essential in order to live a good life. Ultimately the good life is different for all people and to generalize and say there is only one way of living a good life would be wrong. However I do believe there is one thing that measures a good life, and that thing is love.

If you can find love in your life and surround yourself with the people and/or the things that you love, you are probably living a pretty good life. If you love rock music, or gardening, or painting, or reading, writing, or whatever it is that you love, and if you can find a way to surround yourself with these things, you are probably living the good life.

I do think I am living a good life because I only surround myself with things that I love, like my school, my friends, my family, music, movies, and books. I also try very hard to share the love and improve the lives of those around me. Success in the area of love, I think is what can be used to measure a good life.

Here are a couple of links to some things that I love:
1) Song, "Don't Wait Too Long" by Madeleine Peyroux
2) Song, "Caroling, Caroling" by Nat King Cole (Because I love Christmas Time)
3) Film and Book, Pride and Prejudice, (Click on the link to watch a clip from the movie and please read the book. It's lovely)

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