Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Product Review: Impress Press-On Manicure by Broadway Nails (With Pictures)

It was New Years Eve and I was looking for a way to "party up" my nails when I came across Impress Press-On Manicure nails at my local drug store. I tried them out, and here is my honest review:

On the box, it says these nails will:
• Last up to a week
• Come with 24 nails for easy fit
• Won't damage nails
• And that they're easily removable

Retailed at around $9.99 CAD

I never use fake nails, so this was an experiment for me.

The process:
1. First you must prep your nails. The kit comes with a buffer and a cleansing wipe to make sure your nails are clean. I buffed my nails, then used the cleansing wipe to clean them.

2. It was really easy to find the right size for each of my nails, and it was extremely simple to apply. All you do is peel of the backing, and stick the press-on nail on top of your real nail.

3. I pressed fairly hard with each of my nails and held down for about 20 seconds on each nail.

4. The nails looked really good once they were on. I then waited 30 minutes for the nails to set in place before filing them to my preferred length, as indicated on the instructions. This part seemed a little strange to me and I felt that the nails loosened up while I filed them down.

Now, this is totally my fault, but I should have put my nails on after getting ready instead of before. I took a shower about 3 hours after applying the nails, and while I did not wash my hair, one of the nails fell off during the shower. I waited 10 minutes after the shower and pressed it on again. While it seemed to stay on, it then fell off again while I was out for New Years Eve.

Overall Impression:
I find the price was fairly reasonable and the quality was good. However, as promised on the box, I found it very hard to believe that these nails would last up to a week. Perhaps if you apply them before going to sleep so they have a longer time to set in place, this might work, but with the amount of typing and chores I do around the house, I am skeptical about the nails lasting longer than 3 days.

It was extremely easy to find the right size for my nails. I did not have a problem with sizing.

As for not damaging your nails, that is completely true. There was no damage to my nails after I removed the false ones. The only thing is, they were really painful to remove and I tried both methods for removing them (which is 1. Peeling them off carefully, and 2. Using nail polish remover to loosen the edges).

Overall, I really liked them and would definitely consider re-purchasing them in the future. I liked how natural they looked in the sense that it looked like I had a professional gel manicure done.

I would give this product a rating of 8 out of 10, and would recommend them to a friend, family member, and even buy them again for a special event.

Here are the pictures:

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